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Theodore's Newsboy Cake Smash

This adorable little man has been coming for photos since he was still inside his Mommy's tummy, and shares a very similar name to my son... I'm not sure I will ever forget the moment during the maternity session when I mentioned my son's name, and both their faces dropped in shock... "That's what our son is going to be named"... such a small world, and Theo isn't exactly a common name (They were going with the full Theodore, where we just had Theo).

Theodore came in for his cake smash, complete with a full little vest suit and bowtie, and although he was unsure about the cake- once he realized what was going on, he was all in!

Happy birthday little man, it's been fun watching you grow and change over the past year!

- Christine xoxox

p.s. I am LOVING the new themed cake smash.... come on, who can resist this theme?? Do you have an idea for your little one's cake smash? Email me to book your session and we can start planning now!

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