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What Kind of Newborn Session Is Right for Me?

Your Guide for How to Choose A Style of Newborn Photography for Your Family


I get it- decisions around your pregnancy and newborn can be a lot. There are so many things to consider, angles to look at, equipment to research, supports and services... it's a LOT. I'm here to hopefully make a small piece of that decision making a little bit easier for you.

Booking your newborn photographer is one more piece of that puzzle, and there are so many things to consider when you do to- is the cheapest option the best one? What kind of training do they have in handling and posing newborns? What is their experience? How do they ensure I walk away with beautiful photos? What if my baby is upset? I hope to answer all these questions through my blog, and provide some form of support to new parents, knowing they are making the best decision for their family.

You have landed here, on my blog, a Kitchener-Waterloo based newborn and family photographer, and today I want to discuss the various types of newborn sessions I offer, to help you make an informed decision about what each session offers you. So which kind of newborn session is right for you?

A Studio Newborn Session?

A Lifestyle In Home Newborn Session?

A Wrapped Newborn Session?

A Studio Newborn Session is the classic newborn session that most people think of when looking into newborn photography. It is a photography session held in my studio for babies around 5-14 days old. Your baby curled up on the blanket, tiny little tushy up in the air, every little finger, toe, eyelash and detail captured in a large collection of poses, looks, colours and styles so that you can remember exactly how tiny they were. The studio is setup ahead of time in consultation with you around colours, styles and looks, with 2-3 bucket/basket setups, 2-3 blanket and posing bed sets, where I use flattering poses, appropriate lighting and angles to capture everything. Although most of the session is focused on your new addition, families also get in on the fun, capturing pictures with mom, dad, brothers and sisters. After the session, a lot of editing is done to even out skin tones, correct blemishes, remove dry patches and create timeless portraits for you. If you are looking at a posed newborn session, I strongly advise you to do your research to ensure you are hiring an appropriately and professionally trained photographer for this type of session!

Where a studio session focuses primarily on the baby, an in home lifestyle session shifts to focus to be about your family and the experience of bringing a newborn baby into your home. Using your home as the backdrop to the photos, the images are more about natural poses and candid moments in your home in the weeks after birth... a photo documentary of your life as it is in that moment in time. Images are captured of baby alone, as well as family shots, pets, siblings and other unique details of your home and family are used in this session. As this session is intended to capture real life, there is not as much retouching done of the images in post processing. Simple retouches and blemish removal are typical of this kind of session.

A wrapped newborn session is an opportunity for families looking to get a few beautiful images of their baby in the first 5-14 days of life. This session is done in my studio, and is simply baby alone. During a wrapped newborn session, your baby remains completely wrapped in one of my many baby wraps, and using 3-4 bucket/basket setups and designs for your baby. The session is designed to be a very quick session (compared to a regular studio newborn session) and is focused entirely on baby. After the session, a moderate amount of retouching is done on the exposed skin in the images (usually face and hands) to remove blemishes, even skin tones and remove dry patches.

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