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Bright Starts Families

Fine art school photos are coming to your child's centre!  

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My name is Christine, the face behind the camera at Straight Thru Photography.  I am a mom of 3, family and children's photographer, regular volunteer with Cambridge Memorial Hospital and a lover of travelling, coffee, caramel and popcorn!  Children absolutely light me up, their giggles, the sass and the shy and quiet ones all have a special place for me, which is what brought me to starting my photography business in 2008!  I am a full time photographer, capturing families from bump through childhood/teen years and beyond.  I am SO excited to be returning to Bright Starts to capture your children's photos.  I will be setting up at the centre to capture your children’s adorable personalities in our Fine Art School portraits series on October 3-7, 2022.


I will be at Bright Staarts on October 3- October 7, 2022 photographing all the children.  Each class has a designated photo day so you know exactly which day you need to prepare your child for photos! 

What do You need to know?

Fine art school photos are about capturing your child as they are, now!  Some kids give me huge smiles, some are more shy and reserved, my job is to make your child have an enjoyable experience and capture beautiful photos for you to choose from. 

On your child's photo day, please send them with a nice outfit that reflects them, a comb or hairbrush and some positive words of encouragement! 

What do you need to do?

- Check which day your child's photos are being taken

- Send them to school prepared for photos

- Complete the parent form for your child

After the photos

After picture day, I will edit and process all the photos. They will be added into a private gallery of images containing ONLY your child.  In this gallery you will be able to view and purchase your child's photos.  The link to the galleries will be shared on this page and a notification sent out when they are ready. 

The Photos are READY!! 

How do I access them?

  1.  Head over to the gallery at Bright Starts (clickable link)​
  2. Password into the gallery was provided in the email you were sent
  3. Select your child's class
  4. Locate your child by name
  5. enter your child's gallery using their birthday as the password. 
NOTE: Birthdate is entered as a 4 DIGIT NUMBER, two digits for month followed by 2 digits for day.  (example February 22nd would be 0222) You will not be able to access the gallery without the 4 digit pin, which is your child's birthdate.

How to complete a purchase

  1.  Once inside the gallery, you can view all images of your child. 
  2. To complete a purchase of the images, select "buy now" and you will see the purchase options. 
  3. All digital images will be delivered directly to your email address when payment is complete.  The images delivered will NOT have the watermark proof contained on the images in the gallery. 
  4. All physical print orders will be subject to shipping fees as set out by the print provider, I do not have any say or management of these costs, and pickup is not an option, as the physical prints are fulfilled by a third party service provider. 
NOTE: ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY November 13, 2022!  There is an additional processing fee for any orders placed after that date.

Package Prices


Digital Only

All Digital images in your child's gallery



Print & Digital 

1- digital image
1- 8x10 print
2- 5x7 prints
2- 3.5 x 5 prints
4 wallet prints


A la Carte

Single Digital- $25

8 x 10- $30

5 x 7- $20

13% hst and shipping
is added to each order.


Print & Digital 

1- digital image
1- 8x10 print




If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me (or just to say hi!) 

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