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Jacqueline | The First Year

A big piece of doing family photography is about having the opportunity to watch a family grow- to watch a tiny baby turn into a toddler, and in the case of Miss Jacqueline, having had the opportunity to watch her Dad do the same, baby to toddler, to child to adult to Dad. When a family member comes in for photos- you would think that would be less stressful... but for me, it puts on some extra pressure! Jacqueline's Dad is one of my many cousins, and I was so excited to hear that they were expecting a baby only a few months after we were, knowing that our kids could grow up like we did!

Miss Jacqueline has been SUCH a ham for the camera, since day one! Taking a peek back over the past year, she has always been filled with smiles and goofy grins, so I wasn't expecting any different for her cake smash! From Newborn to Christmas to her little sitter session, she has always captivated the camera and LOVED being in front of it (watch out Courtney and Arthur.. you have a little Diva on your hands!)

Going with a pink, cream and gold Princess theme for her cake smash seemed perfectly fitting for this little princess!

Happy First Birthday sweet girl- I hope your entire life is filled with smiles like these and the pure joy you are filled with every time I see you!!

- Christine xoxo

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