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Brooklyn | Waterloo Region Newborn Photographer

Getting the phone call to capture Miss Brooklyn's newborn session may have been one of the most unique and fun calls I have ever received "Hi there, I am wondering if I can book you for a newborn session for someone- she just had her 4th baby, 3 boys and now a baby girl... but I don't want you to tell her that I'm paying for it- just call her at this number and tell her that someone has booked it"

Making that phone call to a new mom, with 4 kids 7 and under.... "hey can I come to your house to take photos of your new baby?" was not only hilarious but also wonderful!

Coming into the home for the session was calm and quiet (not what I expected in a house with 3 boys!) and Miss Brooklyn, who had been giving Mom a run for her money for the better part of the day, ended up being a DREAM to capture!

Thank you for welcoming me into your home to capture these photos of your sweet girl!

- Christine xoxo

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