What is "Cuddle Cot for Cambridge?"

Cuddle Cot for Cambridge is side project to reach a goal of mine- to bring a cuddle cot to my local hospital- Cambridge Memorial Hospital!  

Each year in Canada, thousands of families experience the loss of a pregnancy through miscarriage, stillbirth and infant death, a devastating tragedy to the moms, dads, siblings, friends and all extended family of those experiencing it.  I am seeking to give those families something that nothing else can give them- time! Time to cuddle their baby, introduce them to their family, take photos and preserve any memories that they can.  As a photographer, I have been honoured to be invited into these sacred moments for families, to capture these precious memories with their baby, and I have been struck by the heaviness of knowing that they have such little time with their baby.  I knew there had to be more we could do to help these families.  There are such limited opportunities for families to form important memories with their child and to create keepsakes which will help in their long term grief.

How can I help?

Direct cash donations can be made through theCMH foundation website with tax receipts available at  https://cmhfoundation.ca/event/cuddle-cot-fundraiser/ 

Our online auction is taking place from November 15- December 1st at https://m.charityauctionstoday.com/m/auctions/Cuddle-Cot-for-Cambridge-Auction


Shop over at Books & Cleverness (Usborne Books) www.usbornebooksathome.ca/bookscleverness where all proceeds from orders placed or parties hosted will go directly to the fundraiser

Keep an eye here and on our facebook page www.facebook.com/Cuddlecotforcambridge for more information about our upcoming special photography sessions, 50/50 draw, online auction

and shopping for a cause links!